Energy smoothie for after training

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Energy smoothie for after training

After exercising, whether it's a yoga, running or gym session, you need to replenish your strength. Between 30 – 60 minutes after training, the ideal is to eat foods rich in:

  • proteins for the formation of muscle mass
  • carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores
  • antioxidants to fight inflammation and oxidative stress that can occur with exercise.

Nature gives us everything we need to do this, without being necessary to resort to “gym” protein shakes that can damage our kidneys and liver by excessively acidifying the PH of the blood.

ORGANIC HEMP seeds, an optimal plant source of protein, with all the amino acids and highly digestible, and ORGANIC MATCHA tea, one of the greatest antioxidants in the world, form the perfect tandem to include in your post-workout smoothies.

In addition, coconut water and milk are a perfect alternative to isotonic drinks, due to their natural origin and their richness in mineral salts, very necessary after the loss we experience after sweating.


2 or 3 tablespoons of ORGANIC HEMP seeds (depending on the intensity of the exercise)

1 teaspoon of ORGANIC MATCHA

1 frozen banana

1 pinch of vanilla powder (optional)

1 date, a teaspoon of honey or coconut sugar to sweeten (optional)

Coconut water or coconut milk


In the blender, mix and blend all the ingredients well until the desired consistency is achieved. We suggest you include ORGANIC GOJI berries as toppings. Serve very cold.

Alicia Lamothe (Health Coach)

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