by Baia Food on Feb 02, 2017

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We have already left the month of January behind, and although more and more of you have decided to lead a healthy lifestyle, I still know many of you who still continue to punish your bodies through bad lifestyle habits, so if you If you feel identified, I recommend you read the following tips that will be very useful to take care of yourself a little more this year.

1. Increase your consumption of vegetables

Try to eat salads, creamed vegetables, baked or grilled vegetables with each meal to increase fiber consumption and fill you up. This will prevent you from overindulging on other more caloric and nutritionally empty foods. If you are going to eat out, you can prepare a green smoothie with chia seeds before going out to ensure a good supply of vitamins and minerals and prevent you from eating uncontrollably.

2. Opt for healthy alternatives

Everything has a healthy alternative that will make you feel much better. For example, instead of going overboard with chocolate, opt for a recipe with PURE ORGANIC COCOA to maintain good magnesium levels. Instead of relying on bread and chips, try whole grains, pumpkin or sweet potatoes, or nuts. If you notice that you are abusing coffee, change it to ORGANIC MATCHA tea to increase your antioxidant intake. Also increase your fruit intake whenever you can (it is better to avoid it at night).

3. Moderate your alcohol and tobacco consumption

Too many beers, wines, drinks, shots and pitis do a disservice to your health and energy levels. Try to drink in moderation and always opt for red wine instead of stronger liquors or alcohols. To help your body metabolize alcohol, increase your consumption of foods rich in B vitamins such as spirulina.


4. Move!

Do physical exercise daily, whether it's a long walk, running, dancing, riding a bike, whatever you feel like most. Practicing sports makes our metabolism an ally and improves our cardiovascular and respiratory health, controls our blood sugar, good functioning when it comes to optimizing fats, etc.

5. Don't "de-stress" by eating

Family events, company parties, dinners and lunches with a thousand friends, party nights and other events can greatly disrupt our routine and rest. All of this can cause stress, and, therefore, cause us to eat more than necessary and with anxiety. Try doing a series of yoga stretches and meditating 10 minutes a day to relax. And most importantly, sleep 8 hours.

6. One, two, three...detox

The day after a heavy dinner, reset your body by drinking a large glass of warm water with lemon and a tablespoon of spirulina on an empty stomach. This will help purify your liver and eliminate toxins. If you have bloating and constipation, add chia seeds to your juices, smoothies and vegetable creams as they stimulate intestinal movement.

Go for it!

Alicia Lamothe

Health Coach