6 destinos para escapar de la ciudad estas vacaciones

6 destinations to escape the city this holiday

by Baia Food on Jul 07, 2016

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Who hasn't seen a movie in which the protagonist leaves everything to embark on an adventure into the unknown? Stories that make us dream, but that we see as fiction. And we are no longer children eager for adventures. Those teenagers who still had time and desire to go interrail, or explore Southeast Asia with a backpack on their back and few euros in their pockets. We have rushed to mature, and we have forgotten to continue dreaming of traveling. We are afraid of being gone for too long, and we are overwhelmed by planning something other than our work agenda or the weekend plan. The truth is that we have less and less free time to enjoy. However, free time well spent is what turns dreams into reality. And there is no better way to use it than to leave your comfort zone to discover the world in which you live.

Discovering exotic places is one of the most rewarding activities that exist, which is why we propose some wonderful destinations that you should add to your list:

Ben Thouard

Tahiti and Moorea (French Polynesia)

Better known as a honeymoon destination for its over-the-water luxury hotels than for its natural treasures, French Polynesia is one of the last remaining havens of peace for marine life in the world. But nothing like a bed & breakfast to enjoy the local culture without going over your budget.

Manta rays, whitetip sharks, humpback whales and dolphins swim freely as they used to do in the past, in complete harmony. Diving with goggles and a snorkel in the lagoons or scuba diving in the atolls are unrepeatable experiences. For wave lovers, Teahupoo is a living legend that must be surfed at least once in your life (if you dare, of course).

Carsten ten Brink

Himalayan Valleys (Bhutan)

A small country lost in the Himalayas that we hear very little about. However, its “Gross National Happiness” index has become world famous by measuring the well-being and happiness of the country instead of the “Gross Domestic Product” which measures the set of goods and services that a country produces during a period of time. . Bhutan has opted for sustainable and equitable development, the preservation of its culture, care for the environment and good governance. In addition, its agriculture is organic, free of pesticides and GMOs. In short, an example of a country in an exemplary geographical location. Its numerous valleys with views of the imposing Himalayan mountain range make it a unique place in the world that you should add to your list of “Places to visit”.

Baobab Avenue
Todd Gustafson

Avenue of the Baobabs (Madagascar)

One of the largest islands in the world, next to Africa. Many species of plants and animals found in this unique place are endemic, meaning they can only be found there. The beaches are paradisiacal and the safaris unforgettable. But the most fascinating thing about Madagascar are those trees that seem to be planted upside down: the baobabs. The magical avenue, located to the west of the island very close to the sea, is a magical path unique in the world.

Awesome Places on Earth

Banff National Park (Canada)

There are few Europeans who decide to go to Canada before the United States. And there are few Canadian places that we can name by heart. Niagara Falls, Whistler, Toronto… Montreal maybe. But if Canada is characterized by something, it is its wonderful lakes and mountains. Banff National Park is, not in vain, the second most visited place in the country and one of those Photoshopped photo places, where the water is an impossible blue and the mountains seem to have been forged. A place to see the northern lights, practice winter sports and camp in the light of the Milky Way in summer. It is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to practice canoeing, kayaking, climbing and hiking.

José Luis Narváez

Irati Jungle (Spain)

But you don't have to go that far to enjoy a magical place, and on the Iberian Peninsula we have the Irati Forest in the Pyrenees of Navarra. It is the second largest beech forest in Europe and looks like something out of a fairy tale. There are scientific studies that praise the therapeutic nature of deciduous forests to ward off stress. Especially in autumn, when the beech trees begin their winter metamorphosis, the countryside is dyed in ocher colors as if it were a canvas with its own life. It is an ideal place to walk (by bike or on foot), look for mushrooms or simply to admire those wonderful trees. And its trails are easy and pleasant, perfect for a day of relaxation in a surreal environment.

Surfing Magazine

Puerto Escondido (Mexico)

Mexico, Mexico, Me'ico... traditionally associated with cacti, burritos and drug cartels. However, this North American country is one of the few proclaimed “mega-diverse.”  by the United Nations (topping the list along with other gems such as Brazil, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo). If you walk through it you will find arid deserts, temperate forests, alpine areas, subtropical forests, rainforests, cenotes and paradisiacal beaches with extensive coral reefs. Puerto Escondido is located in the Oaxaca region, and is an oasis of nature, surf and good vibes. Without a doubt a perfect spot for backpackers.