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Summer is here, with its good weather, its warmth, its beers, the daytime parties, the nighttime parties, the extra drinks and also with that annoying hangover the next day. Quiet! Here we tell you how to put the brakes on it with six tips that will prevent one of your vacation days from becoming hell.


You've heard it many times before, but there's nothing like drinking water before bed after a night out, as well as during the day afterwards. Forget soft drinks (both sugary and light), caffeinated drinks or more alcoholic beverages. All of them will make you more dehydrated and slow down your recovery. Nothing like mineral water or natural coconut water to recover the electrolytes lost due to alcohol intake. Vegetables and fruits rich in water such as cucumber, watermelon or melon will also be of great help.




If you feel nauseous or bloated, ginger will be one of your best friends. It is ideal for stimulating digestion and relieving an upset stomach. I recommend drinking it fresh, blended in juices with fruit and vegetables or as an infusion. For a more powerful, oxygenating effect and to eliminate toxins derived from excess alcohol, add a teaspoon of ORGANIC SPIRULINA .




Consuming alcohol without moderation can deplete your potassium reserves, so it is essential to replenish them by eating foods rich in this mineral. Potassium is essential for the cardiovascular system, it prevents palpitations, muscle cramps and fatigue. In addition, banana is very easy to digest, regulates intestinal transit and is the ideal ingredient to add to your smoothies.



Foods for the liver

Cabbages (broccoli, cauliflower, kale) contain enzymes that will help you in the liver detoxification process. Drinking water with lemon on an empty stomach can be another remedy to help our liver in the purifying process against alcohol. Avocado and green leafy vegetables (arugula, spinach, lamb's lettuce...) are essential for their alkalizing action and their fiber content.

Foods for the liver



Your head hurts due to the dehydrating effect of alcohol and the inflammation it causes. Nothing like consuming foods with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action such as GOJI BERRIES , ORGANIC AÇAI , papaya, pineapple and tomato to counteract that annoying sensation.

Antioxidant açai


Physical exercise

You may least want to go for a run or do push-ups, but doing cardiovascular exercise is a great help to alleviate the effects of a hangover. Furthermore, now in summer, it is easier and more refreshing to exercise in the sea. By sweating we eliminate toxins and by moving we stimulate the lymphatic system and secrete endorphins, which will make us feel better and clearer.

Forget about eating junk food and simple carbs after a night of partying. Do sports and give your digestive system a break, filling it with essential nutrients for optimal recovery.

Physical exercise.

Alicia Lamothe (Health Coach)

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