5 Formas de tomar tu Café con Beneficios Adicionales

5 Ways to Drink Your Coffee with Additional Benefits

by Baia Food on May 09, 2024

Coffee has many health benefits , one of them: its high antioxidant content.

👉 But, what if we tell you that you can enhance your coffee according to your goals by adding the incredible creamers from Baïa Food.

👉 Each creamer improves and enhances the flavor of coffee , in addition to offering additional benefits for your health and well-being. 

Read on to discover how you can enjoy your coffee with an extra touch of flavor while optimizing your health!

1. Microbiotic Creamer : Boost your Digestive Health

  • Benefits: This creamer is enriched with prebiotic fiber and probiotics , which promotes a healthy intestine and improves the quality of your microbiota.
  • How to Enjoy it with Coffee: Add a scoop (10g) of Microbiotic Creamer to your coffee to enjoy a smooth and creamy flavor to take care of your digestive health.

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2. Beauty Creamer : Nourish your Skin from within

  • Additional Benefits: Formulated with collagen and vitamin C , this creamer promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.
  • How to Enjoy it with Coffee: Mix the Beauty Creamer with your coffee for a delicious drink that not only wakes you up, but also nourishes your skin from within.

Benefits of Baia Food Beauty Creamer

3.Energy Creamer Vanilla : Extend the energy of your coffee

  • Additional Benefits: Thanks to MCTs from coconut and l-theanine from green tea, this creamer provides a prolonged energy boost .
  • How to Enjoy it with Coffee: Add a scoop (5g) of Energy Creamer Vanilla to your coffee for an energizing and deliciously flavored drink that helps you start the day with vitality.

4. Calm Creamer: Find Tranquility in your Cup

  • Additional Benefits: Contains ashwagandha (adaptogen) and reishi (medicinal mushroom) that help reduce stress and promote relaxation of the nervous system.
  • How to Enjoy it with Coffee: Mix the Calm Creamer with your coffee to enjoy a comforting and relaxing drink that helps you find calm in the midst of the daily hustle and bustle.

Benefits of Calm Creamer

5. Focus Creamer : Increase your Concentration and Mental Clarity

  • Additional Benefits: Formulated with ingredients such as l-theanine and cognizin® , this creamer improves concentration and mental clarity.
  • How to Enjoy it with Coffee: Add Focus Creamer (5g) to your coffee for a stimulating drink that helps you maintain concentration and attention throughout the day.

Benefits of Focus Creamer

Elevate your Coffee with Baïa Food Creamers

With these delicious creamer options, you can customize your favorite coffee or beverage to meet your specific needs while enjoying delicious flavor and many health benefits .

Experiment with these combinations and discover your favorite way to enjoy coffee with an extra benefit!