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This combination will allow you to reduce stress from morning to evening and promote adequate rest by waking up with energy.

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What does the routine contain?


In the morning

Calm Creamer

In the afternoon


1 hour before bed

Natural Sleep

Benefits of this routine

Reduce el estrés

As soon as you wake up, try to expose yourself to daylight.

Controla la ansiedad

Prepare your Calm Creamer. It will help you reduce your stress without depriving you of energy. .

Duerme mejor

When the sun goes down get ready for sleep. Replace white lights with warm ones and choose habits like reading over screens.

Despierta con energía

1 hour before bedtime is the perfect time to prepare your Natural Sleep. It relaxes you, and activates your natural melatonin for uninterrupted sleep.

Benefits of combining them

IN THE MORNING: VANILLA ENERGY CREAMER.Start your morning with a shot of energy in your coffee, tea or favorite drink thanks to the Energy Creamer Vanilla

IN THE AFTERNOON: NATURAL BALANCE. Add a spoonful of our Natural Balance to your favorite drink to relax in the last hours of the day with a chocolate flavor.

1 HOUR BEFORE SLEEP: NATURAL SLEEP.To sleep better and wake up fresh every morning.

It's not magic, it's science

This routine contains

Reduces stress and anxiety

Despídete del estrés gracias al adaptógeno con más evidencia científica.


Sleep well, wake up better

Te ayuda a relajarte antes de dormir


Extracto de Azafrán (Saffron®)

Induce el sueño de forma natural.


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