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If you have experienced digestive problems, this course is designed especially for you. We explore various aspects related to intestinal health, such as bloating, difficult digestion, regularity and the most common gastrointestinal pathologies. Additionally, it provides specific strategies to improve your quality of life and explains how Baïa's 'Microbiotic Creamer' can play a significant role in this process.
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Graduate in Biological Sciences, with a specialization in biotechnology and a master's degree in human microbiota. He is a comprehensive nutritionist, with a postgraduate expert degree in nutrition for women. She is also certified and specialized in clinical nutrition and digestive pathologies.

What is the platform like?

This course is for you if

You sufferbad digestionandyou swell like a balloonafter meals.

You have or there is a probability thatyou suffer from pathologiessuch as SIBO, constipation, dysbiosis, leaky gut, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease and/or candidiasis.

WantExpand your knowledge of gut healthand what to do to improve it.

What you get with this course

5 Explanatory Modules


Summary PDF per module


Microbiotic Creamer Guide


What are you going to learn?

1. Discover the causes of intestinal discomfort and learn to free yourself from pain .

2. Explore the crucial role of the small intestine in overall health.

3. Prevents nutrient malabsorption for hassle-free digestion.

4. Addresses issues such as SIBO, constipation, dysbiosis and leaky gut.

5. Demystifies terms like inflammatory bowel disease and candidiasis.

6. Immerse yourself in the benefits of the Microbiotic Creamer and learn its use.

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Authentic comments

Authentic Comments

"I've had stomach problems for many years and I didn't know what was happening to me. There comes a point when it's frustrating to eat healthy and for everything to feel bad. Lately I had heard about SIBO and that's why I wanted to see this course. The truth is that "I was very surprised. Mariana is a very crack professional who explains perfectly what may be happening in your digestion and how to solve it. Now I know that even if I eat healthy, if I have any pathology I have to address it first. I highly recommend this course." - Maria