When is it advisable to take the products?

They can be consumed at any time of the day.
But, keep in mind that products like Creamers, if you take them with coffee, try to do it in the morning or with decaffeinated coffee if it is at hours close to sleep. The same with Matcha, Matcha Latte and Chai Latte for their green and black tea content.

Can I combine or mix several of your products?

Yes, you can combine all our products with each other, except for:
- Calm Creamer + Natural Balance : We do not recommend taking them on the same day as it would exceed the recommended dose of KSM-66® ashwagandha extract.
- Microbiotic Creamer + Brain Latte : Although there is no evidence that there is a harmful effect, we do not recommend taking them on the same day as it would exceed the recommended daily dose of 500 mg of Lion's Mane extract.
-Keep in mind if you want to consume the Microbiotic, Beauty or Calm Creamer , consume them at different times of the day due to their high fiber content.

Can I take the products with any drink? And with food?

You can consume them with your favorite drink (milk, coffee, vegetable milk...). For example:

- Creamers : we recommend taking it with coffee, although you can also combine it with milk/vegetable drink, smoothies, yogurt, etc.
- Lattes : you can combine them with milk/vegetable drink, water, yogurt, however you like!
- Pure Blends : mix it in water, vegetable drink or yogurt, you can also add it to coffee.
- Proteins : with water or vegetable drink but you can also add them to smoothies.

In the ebooks we give ideas! There are products that can be incorporated into a recipe or consumed directly as a snack.

How can I measure the quantities?

-A teaspoon of dessert corresponds to 5g.
-A tablespoon corresponds to 10g.
-Our Creamers contain a measuring scoop:
+Microbiotic Creamer: Includes a 10g scoop. Add one to your drink to consume the recommended daily dose.
+Energy Creamers: Includes a 5g scoop. Add one to your drink.
+Beauty Creamer: Includes a 20g scoop. Add one to your drink.
+Calm Creamer: Includes a 5g scoop. Add two to your drink for the 10g dose.

Payment methods.

Our payment methods are: Visa, Mastercard, Bizum, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Paypal and Scalapay (Your payment is divided into 3 equal monthly installments).

We do not accept cash on delivery.

Do you have a physical store?

We do not have a physical store as such, but there are stores and cafes that work with our products. Write to us indicating your province and we will tell you if there is one nearby.

Can the products be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Yes, they are suitable for pregnant or lactating women. Our products are foods and none of the ingredients that make them up have contraindications for consumption. They are suitable for the general population, including children and the elderly.

We do not recommend the use of Chai Latte while breastfeeding because of the star anise.
Occasional or moderate consumption of star anise by the mother may be compatible during breastfeeding.

In the case of Natural Balance or Plant Protein from Maca Mocha or Maca, there is insufficient evidence on adverse effects of maca root or ashwagandha extract in cases of pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. It is a food consumed for thousands of years in Peru by the general population, without published adverse effects of any kind. The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) does not expressly recommend against its consumption by pregnant and/or lactating women or children. However, if you have doubts, consult your trusted doctor before consuming any type of food during pregnancy, breastfeeding or if you are taking medication.
However, if you have more questions, consult your trusted doctor before consuming any type of food during pregnancy, breastfeeding or if you are taking medication.

Are the products suitable for diabetics, celiacs and lactose intolerant people?

Yes, all our products are sugar-free, gluten-free and lactose-free.

Are the products vegan?

All our products are vegan except for Natural Beauty, as it contains eggshell extract, and Beauty Creamer, as it contains collagen of bovine origin.

Free shipping.

Shipping costs in the peninsula are free with orders over €50.
In the Balearic Islands, they are free with orders over €100.
Canary Islands, free shipping from €150.
Ceuta and Melilla and international, you can see the shipping costs in our policy or in the last step of purchasing your order.

I just placed an order, when will I receive it?

Our orders arrive in 48 - 72 hours in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. To the Canary Islands in 6 working days. (During sales or holidays, it may take a little longer).
You will receive your order within the indicated period depending on the destination and the type of shipping requested. Shipments are made from Monday to Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., so as long as you place the order before 12:30 p.m., it will be included in the day's shipment, but if you place the order later, the period will count from of the next business day.
Orders placed on Friday at 12:31 will be shipped the following Monday.

Can I return a product? As?

If you want to return a product, you have 30 days from when you received it to do so. Within the email that is sent once the order has been received, an option is shown to return the desired product, you must do it from there.
The product must be unopened and you will receive a refund for the product when we receive it in our warehouse. Shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

If you receive the order with a quality problem, it has arrived defective or broken, contact us within 2-3 days through our email specifying the order number, a photograph or video where you can appreciate the defect and a photograph of the delivery note.
We will be responsible for the exchange of the product, a one-year voucher for the same value or refund (to be chosen by the consumer), including shipping costs.

Finally, if the product is not what you expected, you have not noticed the desired effects or the flavor is not to your liking, you can request the return and refund of the product, within 30 calendar days, assuming as the consumer the costs of shipping and return.