La verdad sobre el colágeno: Importancia y formas efectivas de consumirlo

The truth about collagen: Importance and effective ways to consume it

by Baia Food on Aug 04, 2023


Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body (it represents 30% of the total protein in your body). To understand its functions and importance:

Do you remember the famous Lego game? These were colored blocks with which you could build the structure you wanted. Well, that's what collagen does in your body: form structures.

Collagen is part of such important tissues as the skin, muscle, bones, tendons, veins, intestinal lining, ligaments and other organs .

In the case of the skin, collagen represents 70% of its composition (dry). And in addition, elastin and hyaluronic acid are formed from collagen , important for maintaining the elasticity and hydration of the skin.



Collagen is made up of 'Lego pieces' of different colors, but the most abundant are 3 of them: proline, glycine and hydroxyproline. These 3 'pieces' are called peptides, which are the constituents of proteins.

If collagen peptides are ingested, they will travel throughout the body stimulating very special cells, fibroblasts. These fibroblasts will produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It is thanks to this that your skin rejuvenates when consuming it.


Because with age, your body's production of collagen decreases, but the existing collagen also breaks down more quickly, and its quality worsens.

How do you know if you need collagen? Pay attention to whether you show these symptoms or signs:

    • Skin wrinkles and/or sagging

    • Sunken eyes or a haggard, tired appearance

    • Muscle and joint pain (especially knees) and less flexibility or mobility

    • Gastrointestinal disorders

    • Circulation problems

Depending on the type of skin and habits, the maximum amount of collagen in the skin occurs between the ages of 20 and 30, from then on it begins to decrease.

Collagen synthesis decreases by 1 to 1.5% with age, each year. That is why the first lines of expression appear. In menopause, this loss is much more abrupt, and can be up to double per year.

In addition, the consumption of processed foods, smoking and sun exposure are the main causes of a lack of collagen.


First, consider its size:

Collagen is a protein, which, as we have mentioned previously, is made up of molecules called peptides. The size of these substances is measured by molecular weight, in Daltons.

In the case of collagen , its size is 300 thousand Daltons (Da)! It is so large that that is why it remains intact and cannot be absorbed in the intestine.

We must opt ​​for sizes of 6 thousand Da or smaller so that they can pass through our intestines and be assimilated!!

If we choose smaller molecules, they can be absorbed easily. This is the case of peptides. Peptides make up proteins, and these in turn are made up of amino acids.

To stimulate collagen synthesis in your body, you need to incorporate it in the form of peptides, and the smaller they are, the better.

Forget about eating foods rich in collagen, the ideal is to take the peptides that make it up, so that your body synthesizes it.

In the case of collagen, almost 50% of these peptides that will form collagen are proline, glycine and hydroxyproline. These peptides are the 3 colored blocks we talked about at the beginning. The other 50% is made up of almost 20 amino acids.

Therefore, you must incorporate supplements that respect this proportion of molecules necessary to stimulate collagen synthesis, and that are as small as possible.

Furthermore, collagen has the shape of a triple helix, made up of these chains. For this helical structure to form correctly , you also need to consume it with vitamin C.

This is why the Beauty Creamer comes formulated with acerola extract , rich in vitamin C!!


  1. Due to its composition: not only does it contain all the amino acids necessary to form the collagen chains and helix , but it also respects the 50% proportionality of proline, glycine and hydroxyproline peptides (the 3 color blocks). In this way, the amount of raw material necessary to stimulate collagen synthesis in your body is guaranteed. 

  1. It is a patent (Peptan), a leader in the world market. That your supplements have a patent increases their reliability and effectiveness. A scientifically proven patent guarantees optimal quality standards and clinical effectiveness. It is not that you are only choosing a 'brand' product, but it goes much further: in addition to a quality product, it is a functional product.

  2. Due to its minimum molecular weight. Peptan collagen peptides are very low molecular weight. We are talking about only 2000 Da. Being well below 6000 Da, we achieve optimal absorption and digestion. We are talking about figures as high as 90% , so it is worth investing a little more, knowing that you will achieve a sufficient and functional dose.

  3. It comes formulated with vitamin C (Acerola extract). As we have mentioned, vitamin C is essential for the correct metabolization of collagen. It allows its release, and activates genes in the skin and other tissues necessary for your cells to produce it.

The longer you take it, the better results you will get: Peptan has been shown to reduce skin wrinkles by almost 26% and improve hydration by 28% in 12 weeks.

Other advantages:

  • Its neutral taste and odor, resistance to heat and pH, and high solubility.
  • Beauty Creamer is an effective, natural, comfortable and pleasant product to consume.
  • You can add it to your drinks, hot or cold, and enjoy its flavor.

But also, if you like to train or have digestive discomfort, collagen has:

  • Effects at a sporting level: vitamin C stimulates collagen production, accelerating bone regeneration in the case of fractures.
  • It is also useful in recovery after exercise. You can combine it with any of our proteins: Pure Protein Whey Isolate or Pure Vegan.
  • Digestive effects: Peptan has also been shown to reduce symptoms such as bloating and pain. Constipation improved in up to 94% of cases! You can combine it with our Microbiotic Creamer.

Now you know how to choose a good collagen and make the most of its properties.

Beauty Creamer is a product with bioactive principles that meet the highest standards of quality and clinical effectiveness, but also have natural ingredients that provide optimal flavor and textures, without adding unnecessary sweeteners or excipients.

All so you can enjoy a delicious drink while its components take care of the health of your skin.