¿Cuál es la diferencia entre las Plant Proteins y las Pure Proteins Whey Isolate?

What is the difference between Plant Proteins and Pure Proteins Whey Isolate?

by Baia Food on Aug 25, 2023

We have two types of proteins, Plant Proteins and Pure Protein Whey Isolate. So in this article we are going to answer some questions when choosing which protein is best for you.


Think of proteins as a bracelet of colored beads. Each bead is an amino acid. There are 20 different colors. To create a bracelet, you have to use all 20 colors in appropriate quantities.

As you already know, the formula of our Plant Proteins combines pea and rice protein. Well, by combining legumes with cereals, we manage to complete the perfect sequence of colors to obtain that complete bracelet that makes up a quality protein. You have all the power of the plant world, without giving up high-quality protein.

On the other hand, we have Pure Proteins with protein from whey. Although it may sound strange to you, you should know that this serum is nothing more than that transparent liquid that you can find in yogurt. So from now on, don't throw it away!

It has many beneficial properties, and very good quality protein. In addition, it contains all the colored beads, and is absorbed very quickly.


On the one hand, we have Plant Protein.

Vegetables are rich in fiber , this has many health benefits, and our vegetable protein will also help you feel full for longer.

Plant Proteins have the same functionality as the protein you eat in your diet, so they can be another food in your daily life, even if you don't have specific goals . If you like to train, have healthy habits and want to stay in shape, but don't follow a strict plan, this is a great option.

They will help you maintain a more balanced diet, reaching the amount of protein you need daily to stay healthy and ensure proper maintenance or growth of your muscle mass. You can consume it at any time of the day.

And if you want to reduce the consumption of foods of animal origin, but it is difficult for you to meet the requirements with whole food, Plant Protein is a great option. It has a complete aminogram (all colored beads) and is easily digestible.

On the other hand, our Pure Protein Whey Isolate is a protein powder (from whey) with a very high percentage of purity:

Nothing more and nothing less than 94%! No carbohydrates, no fats and no sugars. Only your protein dose, so you will get the results you are looking for.

How have we achieved it? With the Volactive® patent, in a process that guarantees the highest purity , keeping the protein structure intact.

This is ideal if you are looking for the most protein per serving, without feeling too satiated.

It also has greater bioavailability, reaching the tissues that need it very quickly, and specifically the muscle. Ideally, you should take it at times close to your training, before or during your training, since its digestion is optimal.

Its digestion is optimal because it has Digezyme, a complex of digestive enzymes that will help you digest your shake more efficiently, and the small amount of lactose that Pure Protein Whey Isolate may contain.


Yes they can be combined.

On the days you train, opt for Pure Protein Whey Isolate just before or after training, because it is absorbed much faster and therefore, you will go to train with your digestion done, or by consuming it afterwards, you will help your body recover from the training.

On the other hand, in times when you are going to go without eating for a long time or when you are hungrier, Plant Protein is the best option since it is much more satiating , being an ideal complement to your diet to ensure your protein intake.

At Baïa we remind you that sport is necessary for everyone, and sufficient protein intake too. Let us know which one is your favorite!