5 alimentos que te ayudarán a perder peso este verano

5 foods that will help you lose weight this summer

by Baia Food on Jun 27, 2016

Summer is here. You have spent the last few months neglecting your diet, practicing little (or no) sports or going on extreme diets that are impossible to stick to and in which you end up stuffing yourself with sweets three days after starting. Do not panic. You still have time to lose those extra pounds with sport and proper nutrition and not give in to cravings and deficiencies.

Summer makes it easy for us. Seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as natural juices and smoothies can be our best allies. And what foods are the kings to help us in weight loss?


Most of the content of this fruit is water and fiber, it contains very little sodium and a very low amount of sugars. For every 100g of watermelon we only have 36 calories. It promotes the elimination of fluids, so say goodbye to swelling and fluid retention with this summer gem.

Chia seeds

Its satiating properties help us control appetite, accelerate and facilitate the work of metabolism, making it easier for our body to consume fat in greater quantities and more quickly. Its Omega 3 fatty acids facilitate the absorption of beneficial nutrients for the body and reduce levels of LDL or bad cholesterol. Its fiber improves our digestive system, facilitating intestinal transit and thus fighting constipation. In addition, they are easy to incorporate into any dish or smoothie.


The reason why they are so refreshing is due to their high water content, which helps us stay hydrated and prevents us from confusing dehydration with hunger. This happens very often, so by including foods like cucumber in our diet, which fills us up and satisfies us, we will avoid those snacks between meals that throw all our good intentions overboard. Additionally, cucumber is ideal to include in green juices and smoothies, as shown in this recipe .

Matcha Tea

If you want a long-lasting injection of energy and feel vitalized, do not hesitate to incorporate this green elixir into your diet. Stimulates the fat burning process by increasing metabolism and improving physical endurance. Among its antioxidants we have L-theanine, a substance that acts as a barrier against the stimulation caused by caffeine, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress levels. Often, when we are nervous we eat anxiously despite not being hungry, so consuming Matcha Tea daily will prevent these excesses.

Dark green leafy vegetables

The famous kale, spinach, arugula or lamb's lettuce should not be missing from your daily life. With a minimum contribution of calories and a maximum of vitamins A, B6 and K, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium and dietary fiber, they allow us to increase the nutritional value of our meals without hardly increasing calories.

There are no foods that, as such, make you lose weight, but there are those that contribute to weight loss within a healthy lifestyle. Remember, it is not a question of eating less, but of eating better.

Alicia Lamothe (Health Coach)