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A delicious drink that:

Increases satiety.

✅ Reduces fat.

✅ No rebound effect.

✅ Modulate your microbiota.

With prebiotics , postbiotics and protein .

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Shipping : 24-72 hours | ✓ Guarantee: 30 days

Total quantity: 30 doses of 20 grams (with dispenser included). Weight: 600g.

Is for me?


Tested Results


Nutritional information


Mix it

with water, milk or vegetable drink

Enjoy it

Mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon.


1 scoop per day (20g)

Every day

for the best results

Apt to

take hot and cold

How to take it

Step 1

Add water, milk or cold vegetable drink.

Step 2

Add 1 scoop (20g) of Fit Blend Cacao

Step 3

Stir with a foamer or in your shaker.

Step 4

Enjoy your Fit Blend Cacao

Why use Fit Blend?

We think it is due to age, but in reality the metabolism slows down due to diet, the microbiota, and hormones . And that generates excess fat.

This excess fat causes inflammation and can increase the risk of other diseases.

Fad diets, detox diets, or supplements have a short-term approach , with the sole objective of weight reduction, giving rise to the rebound effect , and aggravating the problem.

The Fit Blend is a delicious drink that attacks the root problem. Its formula has all the necessary ingredients to help you achieve your goals. In the short and long term. Find out how he does it!

How does Fit Blend impact?



With the mix of fiber and 10 grams of protein, you will be more satiated and make better decisions in your diet.


Reduces fat

The postbiotic, protein and chromium promote fat loss. At the same time, protein promotes muscle gain.


No rebound effect

Its ingredients and new habits will help you avoid the rebound effect. Ashwagandha helps reduce your daily stress and emotional hunger .


Improve your microbiota

The mixture of fibers and the post-biotic will help improve your microbiota, your digestion and intestinal health .

When are you going to notice the difference?

DAY 1:


Thanks to the contribution of prebiotic fibers yet the protein, reducing snacks between meals. In addition, you will not notice that you lack energy during the day thanks to TCMs.

🗓️ MONTH 1:


Every time youmetabolism works better. You are reducing fat and, thanks to the fiber and the postbiotic, you are improving your microbiota for better intestinal health. Thanks to theashwagandha KSM-66®, you will feelless anxiety, and you will make more conscious decisions in your diet. [6]



The patented post-biotic HT-BPL1® has shown in clinical trials decrease significantly the waist diameter in 1.88 cm and promote the burning visceral fat, reducing by 7 cm2 in three months.

Stick with Fit Blend for more long-term benefits!

It's not magic, it's science

How do its ingredients help you?

Proprietary® Prebiotic Fiber Blend

Promotes satiety and feeds your intestinal microbiota.


Postbiotic HT BPL-1®

Eliminates visceral fat and reduces waist


Chrome - LALMIN® CR-2000

Mineral that maintains normal blood glucose levels.


Ashwagandha Extract KSM-66®

Your ally against emotional hunger


Whey protein isolate

Maximize fat loss and achieve a fitter body.


To take care of you inside and out

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Complete Ingredients List

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Is it suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Are there any contraindications if I have Hypothyridism? What if I don't have a thyroid?

Does it contain caffeine or any stimulant?

Authentic comments


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