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We have partnered with Pachama to offset our CO2 emissions by helping to preserve the Amazon Rainforest.

At Baia Food we want to give back to the Earth all the good things it gives us. And since we are aware of the environmental impact generated by our e-commerce shipments, we collaborate with the Pachama organization in the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project , in the Amazon jungle, from where we bring our organic açai.

How much have we been compensated?

Since the end of November 2020, we have protected about 439 trees , offsetting the emission of 351.5 kg of CO 2 into the atmosphere.

Technology: LIDAR

Pachama uses LiDAR imaging, a technology based on laser measurements that creates 3D representations of the forests. Artificial intelligence analyzes this data, and machine learning algorithms process large amounts of data and identify characteristics (such as tree canopy size and shape) that are used to estimate carbon.


Pachama can therefore make estimates of carbon and biomass without the need to manually measure more areas. Afterwards, and thanks to their radar, they monitor and identify the areas that may be most affected or at risk of deforestation.

Protection of biodiversity

Pachama has developed this technology so that others can use it in their common mission of protecting and conserving biodiversity hotspots, fighting against the indiscriminate logging of forests and rainforests, thus mitigating the release of enormous amounts of carbon into the atmosphere.

We have the obligation to protect what remains of virgin nature, it is our greatest treasure.