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The açaí berry or acai berry is the fruit of a palm tree native to northern South America scientifically known as Euterpe oleracea . In the wild, it grows in the rainforest of northern Brazil. Its trees, also known as Açaizeiros, can reach 25 meters high in their natural habitat and produce two harvests a year. Açaí is traditionally consumed among rainforest communities, constituting a central piece in the diet of Amazonian indigenous people for centuries. The natives use it as a natural remedy for the treatment and prevention of various conditions.

It is a very perishable fruit which explains why here in Europe we cannot enjoy its fresh version. The other option is to consume its pulp frozen, but many companies add water to reduce its high transportation costs, which affects its nutritional content. For this reason, I recommend that you consume açai powder, freeze-dried (dehydration technique that preserves up to 98% of the nutrients) and always organic.

Their recipes are endless, although the best known is the AÇAI BOWL . If you want to learn how to do it, you just have to download our free ebook here .

Açai Bowl Baïa Food Co.

Acai bowl

Discover below the main benefits and properties of açai and why you should incorporate it into your diet:


Its ORAC value positions açaí as one of the most antioxidant fruits on the planet. And its dark color reflects the presence of a large amount of anthocyanins , pigments that it shares with blueberries and blackberries. These flavonoids exert a protective action on the cardiovascular, ocular, and nervous systems. Taking into account how polluted big cities are and the amount of environmental toxins, drinking an AÇAÍ BOWL will be like giving your body a real health cocktail.


The potassium content and low sodium content of this berry make it a natural diuretic . If you tend to suffer from bloating, fluid retention or have cellulite, include açaí in your morning smoothie. It is a good ally in diets to lose weight due to its satiating power!!


The combination of vitamins B, C and E make organic açaí a true beautifying cocktail, protecting the skin and hair, that is, a nutricosmetic in its purest form. Consuming ORGANIC AÇAÍ will help us protect the skin against sun exposure and delay the effects of aging due to its stimulation of collagen production and its content of omega 3, 6 and 9.

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Yogurt with organic açai

Yogurt with açai (mix a tablespoon of ORGANIC AÇAI into the yogurt and that's it)


The vitamin E present in the pulp of this berry contributes to the protection of muscles against the oxidative stress caused by exercise. Consuming açaí before training will help you improve your physical performance, taking it afterwards will facilitate the recovery and regeneration of muscle tissues.


Another property of açaí is its prebiotic fiber . This fiber is the food for the intestinal microbiota, that is, the good bacteria in our intestine and colon (probiotics) feed on prebiotics. The result: they prevent and treat digestive, infectious and inflammatory diseases such as candidiasis.

But be careful, not all açai are the same. Our ORGANIC AÇAI comes directly from the Amazon jungle, where it originates. We freeze-dry it quickly after harvesting it to maintain 98% of its nutrients and ensure optimal purity and quality. Without added sugars, the food is provided to us by Mother Nature.

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