by Baia Food on May 31, 2021

How many times have we read in fashion magazines or beauty blogs the definitive trick to show off beautiful skin? o How many articles are there that reveal the infallible tips to show off beautiful skin ''effortlessly''?

At Baïa we want to tell you the truth about this, and we tell you that the beauty of your skin does not depend on any miracle cream, in fact, it does not even depend on a single factor. There are many elements that make skin look radiant, including: a good diet based on real food, an adequate cleansing routine and the use of products that match your skin type.

Although we have good news, there is a component (which is unknown to many) that will be the perfect ally to enhance the beauty of your skin naturally, collagen.


As you know, everything in our body is connected... that's why it is often said that we are what we eat.

Maybe you were not aware of the importance of diet in the appearance of our skin but I will quickly explain the reason:

Thanks to food we produce collagen, which is the most abundant protein in the human body (it represents almost 25%) and is also responsible for keeping our skin smooth.

But it is not only important on an aesthetic level, although most people believe that collagen is only present in the skin, the truth is that it is part of the tissues of all the arteries, joints, organs and cartilage of our body. Almost nothing, right? As if that were not enough, it is responsible for providing the necessary flexibility to the body's tissues and is responsible for making our blood vessels resistant.

But be careful, as we get older the quantities our body produces become smaller and smaller...

You are becoming convinced of how important collagen is, right?


The main function of collagen is to hold together the tissues of muscles, bones, tendons, skin and ligaments... Our body is made up of many structures and collagen is responsible for these unions. It could be said that it is responsible for maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the body.

In short, it is responsible for keeping together the different elements that make up our body, almost nothing, right?


Did you know that people have 28 different types of collagen in our body? Here are the most important ones!:

  • Type 1: It is the collagen present in the dermis, bones and tendons, among others. They provide elasticity to the body's tissues.
  • Type 2: It is responsible for providing resistance to tissues. We find it in cartilage.
  • Type 3: Supports organs that can contract and expand, e.g. muscle or capillary tissue.
  • Type 4: It is responsible for filtering different substances and is present in the skin.
  • Type 5: Its main function is to provide resistance to tissues and it is part of all the internal tissues of the body and organs.


We find collagen mainly in foods of animal origin: meat, fish, eggs... What most people do not know is that it is more present in the skin of animals than in the muscle, which is what is usually eaten, so if you are not vegan you can take the skin and benefit from its high collagen content. Another possibility is through bone broth, since it contains glycine, an amino acid that helps in the creation of collagen.

On the other hand, although vegetable proteins do not have collagen, once our body digests and breaks them down, it releases the amino acids necessary to produce it. It is for this reason that the human body can take the nutrients needed for collagen formation from many different foods.


As we have seen, everything is related when it comes to the human body. This means that all the care we give ourselves inside will be reflected outside as well.

Before reading this article you may have thought of collagen as the ingredient in a cream that helped us show off beautiful skin, but surprise! You have already seen that we have collagen in practically every part of our body.

It is true that there are foods that will help us make our diet healthy as well as rich in collagen, but it is not always easy to ingest the appropriate amount. Therefore, for your peace of mind we have the perfect solution so that you can ensure the optimal daily dose without worrying: our Natural Beauty

In its formulation we use collagen (type I, V and X), Eggshell membrane extract (ESM), hyaluronic acid, pomegranate, strawberry, vitamin C and elastin.

Thanks to ESM we ensure that the cells have the necessary amino acids to make their own collagen and we also add acerola extract, very rich in Vitamin C, necessary to form collagen and also Inulin, which is a prebiotic fiber.

We include pomegranate and strawberry, which due to their high content of polyphenols and ellagic acid, help prevent wrinkles, inflammation and skin pigmentation caused by ultraviolet rays.

The result is the only collagen product suitable for vegetarians, with a rich strawberry flavor.

What are you waiting for to start taking care of yourself?

We hope this post has helped you and if you have any questions, let us know in the comments!