by Baia Food on Dec 18, 2016

In addition to being delicious, smoothies are true nutritional gems. If you get into the habit of incorporating them daily, your health and energy levels will thank you. Here are 10 reasons to take them during the Christmas holidays:

1. They contain a good dose of fruit and vegetables

During the holidays we “sin” by eating heavy foods, excess animal protein, alcohol and sweets. Having a good smoothie for breakfast, for example, can help us take the recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables, and make our diet more balanced during the holidays.

2. They are easy to prepare

There is no time to lose. Simply add the fruit and vegetables you like, water, coconut water or non-dairy milk, the superfoods that suit you best, to your blender and that's it! It will take you 10 minutes at most to do it and you will notice the benefits immediately.

3. They improve your digestion

With so many copious lunches and dinners, where sausages, meats and seafood abound, your digestion can suffer. Grinding all the ingredients can facilitate digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals, as well as guarantee a good intake of fiber. This way you will forget about the bloating and constipation typical of an unbalanced diet.

5. They have a detox effect

The oxidative stress caused in our body by alcohol consumption, staying up late, and a diet poor in fruits and vegetables can take its toll on us. The skin may look duller, fluid retention and swelling are just some of the consequences. What's better than adding superfoods with a powerful detox effect such as spirulina or chia seeds to your smoothie? With a teaspoon of these ingredients you will purify yourself from the inside and compensate for Christmas excesses.

Smoothie Baïa Food Co.

5. Defenses increase

The last thing you want to do during the Christmas holidays is get sick. If you want to give your immune system a boost, there's nothing like adding a spoonful of ORGANIC AÇAÍ and goji berries to your daily smoothie. Its content of vitamin C and antioxidants will keep colds and flu at bay.

6. They provide more energy

If you want to give it your all at the holidays without slumps, add MATCHA tea and ORGANIC MACA to your smoothies. The amino acid L-theanine present in matcha tea promotes a feeling of alertness without the negative effects of caffeine. Maca benefits your adrenal glands, maintaining the general health of the body in situations of greater physical strain.

7. Anti-hangover superfoods

There's nothing like making a good smoothie to rehydrate after a night of partying. Add anti-inflammatory superfoods rich in B vitamins, such as AÇAÍ and goji berries to recover in time.

8. Get rid of cravings

Often the body asks us for certain foods because we lack a specific nutrient. If you are dying to eat chocolates and nougats, you are probably lacking magnesium. Add ORGANIC COCOA to your smoothie and you will avoid ultra-sweet snacks. If you fancy meat or very greasy things, nothing like adding hemp seeds to guarantee a good intake of essential fatty acids, phosphorus and iron.

Smoothie Baïa Food Co.

Alicia Lamothe

Health Coach