by Baia Food on Mar 07, 2017

They are 100% nutritious

The vitamins and minerals you eat will depend on the fruit and vegetables you choose. However, almost all green leafy vegetables are very rich in magnesium, calcium, vitamin B6. On the other hand, fruit in general is very rich in vitamin C and A, and the mineral potassium. If you add avocado to your smoothie, you will be adding folic acid and vitamin E, and if you use nut or seed butter instead, you will be adding vegetable protein and essential fatty acids of the highest quality. 

They are a very easy way to eat fruit and vegetables.

By crushing everything, you can add one piece of fruit and two pieces of vegetables, and eat it without problems. In this sense, and if it serves as a reference, it includes 80% vegetables and 20% fruit. That said, it is true that the acidic or sweet taste of fruit masks that of vegetables, which makes it easier to eat healthier for those who are not a big fan of vegetables. 

They are very easy to make and take no time at all to prepare.

Wash, cut, grind and that's it. Try using a mixer or blender instead of a blender. Blenders can significantly reduce the amount of fiber and other nutrients.

They will give you more energy than the zumosol cousin

Vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds and superfoods in general will provide you with the perfect combination of vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients to recharge your energy levels to the maximum.

They are ideal to keep you healthy and at your ideal weight.

They fill you up, increase your energy, have few calories and a lot of fiber, so they are ideal if you want to lose some weight and take care of yourself. 

They are easy to digest and very hydrating

If you prepare a good green smoothie for breakfast, with, for example, half a banana, 2 cups of water, a good handful of spinach, a pear, a teaspoon of ORGANIC MATCHA tea, a touch of cinnamon and a tablespoon of chia seeds , you will be having a super nutritious, detox and anti-bloating breakfast. This will improve your digestive process due to its high fiber content and you will feel much better.

It will improve the appearance of your skin

Drinking green smoothies prevents the appearance of skin problems and significantly improves its appearance, delaying the premature aging process. Did you know that pimples and acne are a result of a poor diet? Well yes, so I recommend that you start taking care of your diet if this is your case. Green smoothies enrich our body with the nutrients and fluids it needs, helping it to regenerate from the inside out and thus making our skin look younger and more radiant.

Green Smoothie

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Alicia Lamothe

Health Coach