by Baia Food on Aug 28, 2016

Water is without a doubt my favorite element of nature. I am one of those people who, when on the beach, spends more time in the sea than out of it. I don't know why but it is like that. I have a special connection with the ocean: it gives me life. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to take vacation this September, I recommend that you practice any of these water sports. You will have a great time and you will also stay in shape.


Photo: Javier Medina


Of Hawaiian origin, surfing is the water sport par excellence. It consists of sliding through the sea on a board pushed by the waves generated by the ocean. But in reality, those of us who practice it know that it is something much more than a sport. Of course, we don't really know how to explain this sensation to people who have never surfed.

In an interview conducted years ago with Dave Rastovich, a New Zealand freesurfer, I heard the best description of this impossibility of explaining what we feel when practicing it. He simply said that “trying to describe what colors are like to a blind person, and trying to explain to a person who has never surfed what it feels like to surf, is just as difficult. And, precisely this inability to describe something is what makes that something wonderful.“

I personally couldn't agree with him more. And the thing is, I wouldn't know how to solve this complex equation but I can highlight some of the variables that are part of it: happiness, adrenaline, adventure, nature, self-improvement and freedom.

Everyone surfs for a reason. Some do it to be in shape, others for the adventure of traveling in search of waves, and others simply to be in contact with the ocean. Each one has their own motivation, but what is clear is that we all do it because surfing has come to strongly hook us. Kelly Slater, eleven-time world champion, once said that surfing was like the mafia, once you're in it, there's no way out. How right he was!

Furthermore, in Spain we are truly lucky as we have beautiful beaches, perfect for surfing. To highlight a spot, I would choose San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria, optimal for all levels. The best and oldest school in the area is the BUENA ONDA SCHOOL . It is worth stopping by, the name of the school could not be better chosen, and fun and good vibes are guaranteed by the guys who run it, Arjuna Zapatero and Pablo de la Mora.

Stand up paddle boarding

Photo: lanoriaoutlet


Also known as stand up paddle surfing (SUP), this is a less aggressive type of surfing than conventional surfing. It consists of standing on a board that is much longer and wider than a surf board, and therefore with greater stability and buoyancy, navigating the sea, estuaries and lakes with the help of a single-bladed paddle. It is ideal for when there is not enough sea to raise waves or simply when we are looking for a calmer plan. The truth is that walking above the water admiring the landscape is synonymous with absolute relaxation. It is worth trying, and you can also do it at ESCUELA BUENA ONDA .


Contrary to what you might think, strong wind is one of the worst allies for surfing, unless this wind blows from the land to the sea (offshore). When this is not the case and the wind is strong, it is time to pull a kite to enjoy this extreme sport. The wind propels the traction kite tied to your body through a harness and allows you to navigate with a board over the sea, and even perform maneuvers in the air in its most freestyle aspect. In Spain, more and more people are getting hooked on this sport. In addition, we are lucky to have as our standard bearer Gisela Pulido, ten-time world champion, born in Tarifa, Cádiz, a reference place for practicing this sport.

To learn, I recommend that you travel there when you can and ask for the OZÚ SCHOOL. Don't worry, you're not going to fly through the air; Nowadays there are many security mechanisms to prevent this from happening. Even so, on the first day they will teach you how to control the kite from the sand, and then, once you have completed this step, you will be able to go sailing on your own. Very cool!

Photo: Deepboard Fomentera


If you want to feel like a dolphin for a day, pay attention to this new type of water trawling. Called to be the revolution in the world of water sports, Deepboarding can be practiced by everyone (both small children of 5 years old and elderly people). Its practice is simple, and you only need a board that you hold on to with your hands, some diving goggles and a boat to push you. Once underway, and with your body extended, you can observe the entire depth of the sea from the surface. But, if you want to see it from closer, you can, with a simple twist of your wrist, dive and move underwater as if you were a dolphin. One last! You don't have to be in excessive shape, but the greater your lung capacity, the longer you can last without rising to the surface. Honestly, one of the best experiences of my life. 100% recommendable. Of course, to practice it you have to go to Cala Saona, in Formentera, the only place in Spain where this activity is offered. The DEEPBOARD FORMENTERA team, led by Álvaro Soriano, will make you have an unforgettable time. They are very nice and they also take advantage of being in the water all day to clean the seabed by collecting the garbage that they find in the Posidonia Meadow, a World Heritage Site.


Photo: Nacho Soriano


It has been practiced in Spain for a few years, but its number of followers is growing like wildfire year after year (especially in calm waters like those of the Mediterranean). The hook is in the sensation of flying that you experience when practicing it, and you can reach 15 meters in height. All this is possible thanks to the pressurized water jet that comes out of a boat or jet ski, which travels through a hose and ends up on the board where your feet are hooked to boots. Can you fly? Yes, but along the way you can get a few cookies. Of course, it is worth reaching the finish line. If you feel like trying it, we recommend you go Bonaire, Mallorca. The guys from FLYBOARD WATERSPORTS will welcome you with open arms, led by Nacho Soriano, and will teach you a few tricks so that learning is quick and you have a good time.

Enjoy them!

Guillermo Milans of Bosch