by Baia Food on Feb 15, 2017

In winter you may not feel like drinking juices much. With the cold and how little we expose ourselves to the sun, the body asks for warmer and more filling things. However, it is an ideal time to drink a juice loaded with vitamins and minerals every day to prevent colds, flu and viruses of all kinds.

And because? Its nutrients are absorbed very quickly, in less than 30 minutes to be more specific, by “saving” our body the digestion of the fibers present in fruits and vegetables. Therefore, for people with a tendency to have digestive problems, they are very assimilable, energizing and great for strengthening the immune system.

What we can do to make them more winter-like is:

Use ginger

Blend a piece of ginger with the fruit and vegetables you use. Ginger, in addition to being a natural antimicrobial, has the property of “warming” the body. It activates circulation, helps in the digestion of fats in the liver and is a natural expectorant, so if you already have a cold, it is a perfect home remedy.

Add cinnamon powder

This spice reduces blood sugar levels, promotes the generation of antibodies and, like ginger, stimulates circulation so it has the “warming” effect, by slightly increasing our body temperature.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Use seasonal fruits and vegetables. Kale is a winter vegetable loaded with iron, magnesium, calcium, vitamin A, K and C. Fennel is ideal for constipation and bloating, being one of the most digestive vegetables there is. Since cucumber is difficult to find this time of year, substitute it with celery.

Green Smoothie

Forget ice

Do not add ice and take the ingredients you are going to use out of the refrigerator first so that your juice is not too cold.

Add seeds or nuts

If you need an extra boost of energy, once you blend the vegetables and fruit, try adding a tablespoon of hemp or chia seeds as a topping to give it more consistency. If you don't have any, use dried fruits and nuts ;)

Maintaining the habit of drinking green juices during this time of year will help us cleanse our digestive system and guarantee a supply of essential chlorophyll to oxygenate our body.

Alicia Lamothe
Health Coach