by Baia Food on Dec 01, 2016

This may sound familiar to you. You are stressed, you have anxiety, you eat more because your body constantly asks for snacks and you tend to eat more sweets than usual. And obviously, you gain weight.

Even if you try to avoid junk food, you may still gain weight. And because? Stress can lead to changes in metabolism that mean we don't burn fat as effectively.

Stress blocks our ability to lose weight. It alters the behavior of our adrenal glands and our cortisol levels, and therefore fats are not converted into glucose (energy available to burn), but rather remain in our cells giving rise, for example, to that “triple” that is impossible to remove. .

Additionally, excess body fat can lead to excess estrogen, causing hormonal imbalances, especially in women.

You will have tried multiple times to lose weight with extremely restrictive diets and a lot of physical exercise, without obtaining the desired results. If we add to this the usual stress of everyday life, it is a ticking time bomb for our body. You will only considerably increase your appetite, your body will have cravings and you will end up eating with anxiety, without energy and in a bad mood.

And what are the most effective ways to remedy stress and the weight gain that it can bring?

Don't let anything keep you awake

First and most important: sleep. We need to rest and hours of sleep are key to reducing the hormone cortisol (stress hormone) and burning calories efficiently. When we don't get enough sleep, ghrelin, the hunger hormone, increases, and leptin, the satiety hormone, decreases, which obviously causes us to eat much more.

Sleep is the most important thing to reduce stress Baïa Food Co.

Try to establish a routine to sleep at least 7 hours a night and follow the following tips:

Reduce coffee intake

Try to reduce the cups of coffee you drink per day and gradually replace it with ORGANIC MATCHA tea. It has L-theanine, an amino acid that acts as a barrier against the stimulation caused by caffeine, revitalizing and promoting a lasting state of concentration. In addition, its chlorophyll content helps in all detoxification processes, facilitating weight loss.


Don't forget the importance of magnesium, a star for combating cramps, fluid retention, fatigue, insomnia, depression and irritability. ORGANIC PURE COCOA is one of the largest plant sources of this mineral, so don't forget to include it in your smoothies!

Include MACA ROOT in your breakfasts

ORGANIC MACA helps combat stress by providing extra resistance to the body. It significantly reduces the effects of chronic fatigue, providing physical energy and mental clarity. It contains iodine, essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid and our metabolism, and, therefore, for weight loss.

Organic Maca Baïa Food Co.

Alicia Lamothe (Health Coach)