3 pasos para acabar con los granitos y tener una piel top

3 steps to get rid of pimples and have top skin

by Baia Food on Apr 24, 2017

Yes, it is possible to detox your skin naturally through diet.

The skin is an organ that reflects our inner health, and consists of several layers: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. There is no miracle cure to get rid of acne. Healthy habits and consistency in skin care are needed.

Prevents skin congestion

You must avoid certain foods that stimulate the sebaceous glands, responsible for skin inflammation and pimples. Our liver, hormonal system and digestion also play a fundamental role. To do a skin detox, avoid animal fats (deli meats, red meat, dairy products) and anything that contains refined sugars, white flour and partially hydrogenated vegetable fats, such as margarines, sweets or industrial pastries. It is also very important to avoid alcohol, caffeine, nicotine or very spicy species (chili peppers, for example) since they excessively stimulate our adrenal glands, creating a stress response in our body and causing more pimples.

If you avoid all of this for about 3 weeks, the approximate time it takes for skin cells to regenerate, you will notice a noticeable change.

Regenerate your skin from within

Once you detoxify your body from everything mentioned in step 1, your skin will be more oxygenated and your digestive system will be ready to absorb all the nutrients necessary for perfect skin. Include raw foods (vegetables, fruits) daily for an adequate supply of enzymes and vitamins. Be guided by colors, the more color there is in your diet, the greater variety of minerals and vitamins you will be providing to your body. Salads, juices and smoothies are a great way to include all types of fruits and vegetables. Include organic spirulina to your dressings or juices is a great way to detoxify and nourish yourself daily.

It is very important to take good fats such as extra virgin olive or coconut oil, avocado and raw unsalted nuts, and chia, hemp, sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds. They help decongest the sebaceous glands and hydrate the skin from within and provide us with zinc, magnesium and vitamin E.

Don't forget to drink water between meals, at least 8 glasses daily. It is also not good to drink excessively since it overloads the kidneys and dilutes water-soluble vitamins such as C or group B, essential for good skin.

And take care of her from the outside

Be careful with what products you use. Many soaps and scrubs for oily or acne-prone skin are very aggressive and can unbalance our PH. Opt for natural and organic cosmetics (pure jojoba oil is ideal for skin with pimples) and try not to put on excessive makeup so that your skin can breathe. As I told you a few months ago in this post , you can make natural masks at home by diluting a little MATCHA, ACAI or organic spirulina tea with a little water, and applying the mixture to clean skin to let it act for about 20 minutes. It will clean your pores, reduce inflammation and prevent redness.

Alicia Lamothe

Health Coach