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Routine to reduce inflammation

Reduces intestinal inflammation.

✅ Improves the microbiota.

✅ Improve your digestion.

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What does the routine contain?


Microbiotic Creamer

With your coffee, turmeric latte or favorite drink, and improve your bloating.

Turmeric Latte

With water or vegetable milk to reduce inflammation.

Together or apart

Combine the Microbiotic in your Turmeric Latte, or consume them with your coffee.

Benefits of this routine

Reduces inflammation

CombiningMicrobiotic CreameryTurmeric Latteget onesynergistic actionto reduce inflammation.

Regulate your intestinal transit

By regulating intestinal transit we achievereduce intestinal inflammation, and thus the general inflammation.

Improve your microbiota

Improve the population of your microbiota thanks to the impact ofprobioticand theprebiotic fibers.

Enjoy taking care of yourself

The most important thing is to be able to enjoy taking care of your health,reducing inflammation.

Why this routine?

We are inflamed.

Our bodies are inflamed due tocurrent life, food, and stress.And inflammation increases the risk of disease and generates a poorer quality of life in general.

The microbiota and inflammation

OurMicrobiota greatly influences inflammation in the body. An unbalanced microbiota will generate greater inflammation, due to various factors. However, onehealthy microbiotawill reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Reduces inflammation.

With the Bye Bye Inflammation routine you will be able to reduce inflammation thanks to turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory, and the Microbiotic Creamer, which improves the health of your microbiota.

It's not magic, it's science

The impact of ingredients on your health

Chicory Inulin (Orafti® Fiber)

Feed your microbiota


Lactospore® Probiotic

Improve the composition of your microbiota



The greatest anti-inflammatory in the world


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