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Why do we age and how to avoid the worst symptoms of the passage of time? Here you will know everything you need to know about the skin, its relationship with other organs and we will give you key tips to improve its health and appearance.

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Integrative and functional doctor, expert in PNIE and aesthetic medicine. It is dedicated to healing and balancing the body in a comprehensive way, always seeking the origin.

What is the platform like?

This course is for you if

You want to know what your bad ones influencehabits in the quality and appearance of your skin.

Are you interested in how you can improve your lifestyle to have ayounger and brighter appearance.

You don't know where to startto take care of yourself and you want the most complete guide that exists in this field.

It intrigues youWhy are there people who look much younger?of those who have and others who look aged with the same age.

What you get with this course

5 Explanatory Modules


Summary PDF per module


Practical tools


What are you going to learn?

  1. Explore how your skin relates to other organs , key to your total well-being.
  2. Discover the importance of the gut-skin axis for vibrant, youthful skin.
  3. Understand the secrets of aging and how to prevent it.
  4. Acquire tools to improve your skin and avoid premature aging .
  5. Dive beyond the surface, understanding how your habits affect your appearance.
  6. Implement significant changes for radiant skin from the inside out.

Authentic Comments

"My skin embarrassed me, I always had marks and I used all kinds of creams and care, but I couldn't find the right... When I saw this course, I realized how important diet was, in fact as soon as I started to change foods and being aware of it, I noticed an incredible improvement in my skin. It has also become very clear to me how important it is to take collagen, which is why I am delighted with this course. THANK YOU in capital letters because it has changed my life." - Martha

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