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Routine to get a fit body.

Increases satiety.

✅ Reduces fat.

✅ Increase muscle mass.

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What does the routine contain?


Fit Blend

Between meals, to increase satiety and reduce snacking.

Whey Protein

After exercising and increase your muscle mass.

Combine them

In the same shake for more flavor and greater benefits.

Benefits of this routine

Increases muscle mass

Thanks to the high protein content, it will help youincrease more muscle, accompanying it with daily exercise.

Reduces fat

Both the fiber and the postbiotic in Fit Blend helpreduce abdominal and visceral fat.

Increases satiety

The high-quality protein, along with the fiber mix, will helpincrease the feeling of satiety.

A FIT body

By combining Fit Blend and Pure Protein with exercise, you will achieve theFIT body you've always wanted.

Why this routine?

More muscle, more life

There are many studies that show that greater muscle mass (within a balance) is synonymous with a higher quality of life, and a longer life.

Better metabolic health

Muscle also improves metabolic health, improving the response to glucose and insulin. Better metabolic health directly influences quality of life, reducing inflammation and the risk of disease.

A more FIT body

The FIT body is synonymous with good health and a longer life. Having a FIT body not only has an aesthetic impact, but also improves mood, confidence and self-assurance.

It's not magic, it's science

The impact of ingredients on your health

Isolated Milk Protein

Maximize fat loss and achieve a fitter body.


Patented Prebiotic Fiber Blend®

Promotes satiety and feeds your intestinal microbiota.


HT-BPL1® Postbiotic

Eliminates visceral fat and reduces waist


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