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This course is designed especially for those who face daily stress and seek to manage it effectively. In the first part of the course, we will delve into the causes and consequences of stress in the body, and in the second part, we will focus on practical approaches and specific techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

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Health biologist and nutritionist , passionate about food and faithful believer in how good habits improve your health.


Integrative Body Therapist , Synergy Yoga teacher and founder of Calma Project, an online integrative health and wellness platform.

What is the platform like?

This course is for you if

You suffer from stress and anxiety, both occasional and chronic.

If you have tried everything andYou don't know what to do to relax.

You have noticedintestinal problemsrelated to your lifestyle.

You know someone in the above two circumstances and you wanthelp you combat stress.

What you get with this course

3 Explanatory Modules


Summary PDF per module


4 video - guided exercises


What are you going to learn?

  1. Learn how stress affects your general well-being and digestive functions.
  2. Discover why stress can worsen your digestion and deteriorate your quality of life.
  3. Explore what cortisol is and its function during periods of stress and anxiety.
  4. Get practical tools to manage stress and anxiety.
  5. Discover the best strategies to reduce the symptoms of stress in your body.

Authentic Comments

"I constantly lived with a feeling of pressure in my chest and it was very difficult for me to be productive in my days, I noticed that I was not getting anywhere. Little by little I began to understand my anxiety and deal with it, and the best thing I took away from this course are the exercises that teach how to do, because they are very practical and have helped me a lot. It was a success to have learned about stress and anxiety, in addition to discovering the Calm Creamer, a Baïa product that has changed my feeling of stress and "It allows me to work with incredible calm." - White

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