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Improve your bloating and gut health with pre/probiotics.


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Activate your metabolism and control your appetite to be FIT.


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Improve the health of your skin and hair with easy-to-take collagen.


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Your daily disconnection and anti-inflammatory ritual.

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Nowadays, eating healthy is no longer enough. At Baïa, our goal is to help you improve your health, and that is why we formulate powder supplements to easily incorporate into your daily life. Always based on the latest scientific evidence.


Endorsed by professionals

Maria Pastor

Nutritionist and health biologist

Baia Food is about optimizing my patients' diet with products that they enjoy taking care of themselves. For me, health always goes hand in hand with enjoyment, so take a little time out of the day for yourself and optimize your diet. With a very human team behind it, but above all, with a great scientific base.

Cristina Orive

Founder of Fitisimo Concept

I started consuming Baïa products looking for natural supplements that would improve certain aspects of my daily life. I found a solution in the Enery Creamer: while before I drank several coffees throughout the morning, now with the one for breakfast I already feel more energetic and satiated.

Pablo Castaneda

Author of Smart Sapiens

Many products disguise themselves as healthy, but in reality they are full of artificial ingredients and additives. Baïa is not just an alternative, but a higher standard. They offer functional food supplements based on nature and backed by science to enhance your quality of life and well-being.

Sara Vives

Chemistry and nutritionist

I have been trusting Baïa for years as they help me take care of myself inside and out. They take great care of their formulation and always create products based on natural processes, betting on quality. Their launches such as creamers and their protein occupy the first position in my daily routines. I completely trust them and I notice it more and more!


"Everyone deserves to improve their health, and Baïa exists to make it possible."

In 2016 Baïa had a clear purpose: to be your companion on a journey towards well-being. Now, we look back and see a path full of challenges that have taught us many lessons and that with determination and (a lot of) work, any dream can be fulfilled. We have been identifying the ailments that affect our quality of life, and that the solution, in many cases, is within our reach. Baïa has become that reliable and updated professional that adapts to your lifestyle, turning health into a pleasant experience. We remain committed, as much or more than the first day, to making your life fuller.

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