If you feel a little down today, it's normal.

In case you don't know, today is Blue Monday , the saddest day of the year.

But hey, this is just the theory eh, no sadness or pessimism , you already know that life is not what happens to you but how you take what happens to you.

To add our two cents, we have a "NOTIS" for you (well actually two).

1)We are going to launch our new Blue Latte: a Latte designed to give color to your gray days 💙

2) All people who join the VIP list will have access before anyone else, not only to be able to get the Blue Latte, but also to our January Sales

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Have you seen how a Blue Monday rises in a moment?

If we have changed your Mood for this Monday (that was the idea), a small spoiler, this will be nothing compared to when you take the first sip of our Blue Latte.

Creamy, slightly spicy...

Your spirits lift just by seeing it.

Or am I going crazy, like Van Gogh when he said:

"I never get tired of seeing the blue sky"


PS: The color blue is one of the most difficult pigments to find in nature.

We have achieved our sky blue in Blue Latte with an ingredient that is very difficult to find but is very worth it.

I'll tell you everything these days, join the list to be the first to find out everything and remember, if you do, you will access our January Sales, before anyone else.